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i-Water Home System


i-Water by Gia Wellness is the most profound hydration technology available today. The device allows you to create structured water for optimized hydration.  More information is at

Smart Sleeves by Gia Wellness


Smart Sleeves by Gia Wellness are flexible compression sleeves made with Far-Infrared fiber combined with Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), providing revolutionary joint support.

Cleanse by Gia Welness

CLEANSE by Gia Wellness


CLEANSE by Gia Wellness is a gentle cellular detox formula designed to aid in digestion and reduce inflammation. Cleanse helps promote a natural metabolism. Available in 24 pack – 1oz. pouches.

Lifetune Device


Lifetune Device EMR Modulation Technology is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phones, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers and more.


Compatible with: mmW • LTE • 5G • WiFi • Bluetooth
Effective range: 6.5ft


✔ Patented
✔ Peer Reviewed
✔ Independently Tested