Smart Sleeves by Gia Wellness

Smart Sleeves by Gia Wellness are flexible compression sleeves made with Far-Infrared fiber combined with Energy Resonance Technology (ERT), providing revolutionary joint support.

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Product Overview

Powered by Energy Resonance Technology (ERT)

GIA Wellness has revolutionized the way biofield-reinforcing frequencies are utilized by the body’s energy field. Through ERT, the body’s natural biofield strength is optimized to a level where you can truly thrive energetically, even in the most stressful environments.


Smart Sleeves come in 4 designs:

Knee Smart Sleeve ($122) – Order Now – Learn More

Elbow Smart Sleeve ($72) – Order Now – Learn More

Ankle Smart Sleeve ($72) – Order Now – Learn More

Wrist Smart Sleeve ($58) – Order Now – Learn More

Full Set of 4 Sleeves ($286) – Order Now – Learn More


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