Purchases made through The Qi Store go towards helping Qi and its projects – www.QiCommunity.com – Qi is a private holding company founded to inspire people to live full, complete lives by creating an environment that places self-care, and care for others as the priority ahead of making money. Qi aims to produce good for people and planet by investing in endeavors that promote Health & Wellness, Sustainable Living, and Education.

Transparency: Qi believes the problem with money is the illusion to make an arbitrary “profit.” What makes Qi different is it is a tax-paying entity with no share-holders, profits are reinvested back into the company. Qi’s ultimate aspiration is to work towards helping create infrastructure for alternative forms of measurable trade in order to minimize reliance on money that is backed by non-renewable polluting resources. Working towards sustainability and collaboration is at the heart of Qi’s existence.