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Dr. Pollack’s research has uncovered some interesting surprises about structured water.

“[T]he chemistry book says, if you have a charged interface, or so-called hydrophilic (water-loving) interface (which most of the constituents in your cell are), the current view is that a few water molecules might actually line up and become ordered. But this is considered a secondary effect, — not very important for understanding of how cells function. What we found is that instead of two or three molecular layers, the ordering of water can actually amount to a few million molecular layers.

In other words, the water at interfaces can order in a macroscopic way. Is a really huge amount of this kind of water, and its properties are so different that it looks like a distinct phase of water.”

So, what does this mean, in terms of affecting human biology?

If you think of the cell as a matrix of proteins, like a grid made up of proteins and nucleic acids, the spaces in between those grids are filled with water. This means there are a lot of surfaces that interact with water and impact its structure. Your cells consist mainly of this interfacial, or structured/ordered water, making it essential to understand this water in order to understand the workings of the cell.

This is not a new idea. It’s been known for years, although the information has largely fallen out of view and been forgotten. One of the pioneers in this area is a Chinese-American researcher Gilbert Ling, who wrote several books on the central importance of water in the cell.

So, water is actually part of the structure of each cell. In addition to the fact that this water is interfacing and is ordered, it is also charged. And the water just beyond it is oppositely charged. This acts like a battery.

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